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The stock fabric from A grade It's P.P ,High color fastness to light. Decrease CO2, can be recycle, Environmental protection

About Us

YUNG LIEN HO textile Co., Ltd. Was established in 1998. The former parentcompany relies mainly on taking the place of worker's business in initial stage. Seeing that enterprise's business is expanded and develops continuously forever, our company set up K & D Global CO., LTD market fabric trading. We occupy a good position and reputation either on domestic or external market.
The products of our company divide into four big classes generally:
1. Textile fabric : Micro fiber , Moss ,Suede ,…… suitable for the fashion surface fabric, and functional cloth such as moisture-absorbing and arrange the sweat,waterproof completely wet, Anti-Static Textiles and far infrared ray cloth, is suitable for mountaineering ,shoe materials or sport overcoat.
2. Out/Indoor home textile: If we laminate T/C to reprocess with Suede cloth,fire prevention processing that deal with, and PVC forest apply to the sofa then specially the piece of cloth of desk.
3. Industrial cloth : The material has NYLON, POLYESTER, P.P, from 150D, 300D, 600D ~ 2400D, after treatment, we can produce cloth used in umbrella,beach chair, various types of knapsacks, bag gages and so on.
4. The environmental protection cloth : Because of protecting the environment of the earth, our company specially use Polypropylene Multi-Filament to pass post processing,make it into fabric,it can be used on clothing and Moisture perspiration function cloth, its yarn can also be used in umbrella cloth, outdoor textile and Olefin, even develop high colar light for top level.
Because of the cloth of textile industry of Taiwan now during these years. Our company has already evolution into functionality and exquisitely. We cooperate with the upper reaches manufacturer,break through the technological predicament, and create the high additional value fabric.
To offer good service and meet customers' demand is our consistent aim and the only way to run continuously.


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